Feria 2 Ruedas
May 2nd to 5th, 2024
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Responsible Tourism / Feria 2 Ruedas

Travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on your destinations!

**Travel Responsibly: ** Leave a Positive Footprint in Your Destinations!

Choose Committed Providers: Plan your trip with providers who respect human rights and the environment, ensuring a quality experience.

Conserve Natural Resources: Use water and energy responsibly, remembering they are scarce and valuable resources for all. Reduce Your Waste: Minimize waste generation and dispose of it cleanly, following your destination's guidelines.

Respect Natural Spaces: When visiting natural environments, make sure your only footprint is your footwear, preserving the beauty and integrity of nature.

Protect Sensitive Ecosystems: If you visit places like coral reefs or jungles, learn how to minimize your impact and conserve their fragility.

Support Local Culture: When buying gifts and souvenirs, look for products that reflect the authenticity of local culture, helping strengthen the economy and cultural diversity of your destination.

Don't Contribute to Extinction: Avoid acquiring protected flora and fauna or products derived from threatened species. Contribute to wildlife preservation and biodiversity.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture: Enjoy learning about the customs, gastronomy, and traditions of local communities, showing respect for cultural differences.

Promote Responsible Tourism: With your visit, contribute to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism, building a healthier and more compassionate planet.

Protect the Vulnerable: Do not support human trafficking, especially the abuse of minors. Your actions can make a difference and prevent sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Avoid Legal Risks: Do not engage in drug trafficking. Transporting items for others can have serious legal consequences. Know and respect the laws of each country you visit.

Travel is an opportunity to connect with the world and make a positive difference!

Travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on your destinations!