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May 15th to 18th, 2025
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Aliance between Harley-Davidson y Hero MotoCorp / Feria 2 Ruedas

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Aliance between Harley-Davidson y Hero MotoCorpAliance between Harley-Davidson y Hero MotoCorp

In an exciting development, the collaboration between Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp has resulted in an impressive milestone: over 25,000 pre-bookings in India for the highly anticipated Harley-Davidson X440 motorcycle! This achievement has occurred prior to the "Indo-American" motorcycle entering its final production phase, with an estimated date of September this year.

The Harley-Davidson X440 has generated exceptional excitement due to its alliance between the iconic brands, Harley Davidson and Hero MotoCorp. The new X440 not only strives to be affordable but is also being designed with a seamless fit to local market preferences, all while taking into account the influence of Southeast Asia.

Prices in Euros:

  • Harley-Davidson X440 Classic: €2,565

  • Harley-Davidson X440 Vivid: €2,785

  • Harley-Davidson X440 Pinnacle: €3,010